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Disability Employment Experts

Parents' Experiences

Opportunities for networking

People with lived experience

Why it is important to talk employment

The “Securing Futures, Shifting Mindsets” Conference offers a candid opportunity to explore the way forward for those invested in supporting successful employment outcomes alongside people with significant disability

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People with disability who will share their insights on employment

Families supporting their family member with disability to navigate employment opportunities and supports

National and International experts in employment models and practices.

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Milton Tyree, University of Kentucky and owner of Milton Tyree Employment Consulting
Therese Fimian Photo
Therese Fimian, President - Marc Gold & Associates Virginia, U.S.
David Mank Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at Indiana University, U.S.
Trevor R Parmenter AM, Professor Emeritus, Sydney Medical School
Julia Shumaker
Julia Shumaker, Job Developer and Small Business Owner
Jan Kruger
Jan Kruger, Executive Director of Imagine More

Inclusive communities are diverse and are made better when all people are actively involved and able to make a contribution.

Engage with employment

Together with Imagine More (ACT) and CRU – Community Resource Unit (QLD), Resourcing Inclusive Communities is working on the School to Work project to support young people with disability to engage with employment.

School to Work aims to inspire and equip students with disability, through the support of families, to seek meaningful, paid employment in the community.

With intentional thinking and planning, people with disability can obtain all the good things that make up a typical life.

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Resourcing inclusive communities is an initiative of Family Advocacy