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Why it is important to talk about employment

Getting a job is a rite of passage for most Australians. Employment enables a sense of contribution, creates opportunities for relationships and adds meaning to a person’s life.

Australians with disability, however, face substantial barriers to obtaining employment, with Australia having one of the lowest employment rates for people with disability – ranking 21 out of 29 in the OECD* . This increases dramatically for people with significant disability who often spend their adult lives in disability programs or sheltered workshops, with many in this cohort still considered unemployable.

With our disability employment services under review, and Australian Disability Enterprises being scrutinised, this is the perfect time to progress employment for all people with disability.

The “Securing Futures, Shifting Mindsets” Conference offers a candid opportunity to explore the way forward for those invested in supporting successful employment outcomes alongside people with significant disability.

*OECD – The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Who should attend

Anyone interested in ensuring that stronger employment outcomes for people with disability are experienced.

Whether you are a person with disability, a family member who is supporting their loved one to navigate school to work and post school employment pathways, a disability employment service, an Australian Disability Enterprise, from the education sector or the disability sector, this event is for you.

We also strongly encourage policy teams that are grappling with progressive employment strategies from both a state and national level.

What to expect

Two jam-packed days of thought provoking presentations and purposeful discussions aiming to:

  • Demonstrate employment is achievable for people with significant disability
  • Create a shift in thinking about what is possible and how we can make it happen
  • Create discussions on key barriers currently impacting the employment of people with significant disability
  • Share practical strategies to prepare young people with disability for work while they are still at school
  • Highlight models and approaches leading to successful employment
  • Engage with both National and International presenters at the forefront of the field of employment for people with disability.