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This National Conference will show employment is achievable for all people with disability

There is no such thing as genuine independence as an adult until you secure meaningful and stable employment.

Think of all the things employment provides you: The opportunity to be a valuable contributor to society, to form relationships with members of the community, to buy the things you want and need, the financial capacity to socialise with friends, to travel and ultimately rent or buy your own home.

“The conference will offer a candid opportunity to explore the way forward for those invested in supporting successful employment outcomes alongside people with disability,”

For people with disability these essential elements for the ‘good things of life’ are often out of reach, with barriers to securing employment, systemically and societally, firmly entrenched. 

To address these issues, Resourcing Inclusive Communities, an initiative of Family Advocacy, is holding their National Disability Employment Conference – Securing Futures, Shifting Mindsets at the Parramatta Novotel on Wednesday and Thursday the 14th and 15th of September. The conference is part of the School to Work project, which equips students with disability, with the support of families, to seek meaningful, paid employment in the community. This milestone event promises to be an invaluable opportunity for people with disability, families and professionals alike.

Attendees will come away with a wealth of knowledge and insights into contemporary models and approaches that lead to successful employment outcomes.

From the Educator Online, 12 August 2022:
How your school can get kids with a disability work-ready

These are extracts from an article published on the Educator Online. Click here to read the full article.

“Education is a key pathway to employment and other adult life opportunities, and any school leader who is keen to improve the post school opportunities for students with disability in their schools will be well placed to attend this National Conference"

“It will give them a unique opportunity to hear from people with disability, families and professionals, delving deeper into the practices that best support young people to transition into successful employment after school,” said Karen Tippett, Family Advocacy’s Acting Executive Officer.

Tippett said ‘Leave School with a Job: Emerging Best Practices in School to Work’ is just one of the topics of interest to educators being covered at the event. Speaking on this topic will be Professor Emeritus Dr David Mank from Indiana University. Dr Mank, who works at the Office of Disability Employment Policy at the U.S Department of Labor, has extensive experience in the education and employment for people with disability.

From ABC News, Sunday 21 August 2022:
Disability employment services sector to be overhauled, with some providers shut down
With our disability employment services under review, and Australian Disability Enterprises being scrutinised, this is the time to progress employment for all people with disability. Our ‘Securing Futures, Shifting Mindsets’ Conference offers the perfect opportunity to explore the way forward.

Below are extracts from an ABC News article, written by Tom Lowrey, talking about the current overhaul in Disability Employment Services. Click here to read the full article.

… Eight providers of disability employment services are set to be effectively shut down by the federal government as part of a wide-ranging overhaul of the sector.

The dramatic steps follow a months-long review into the sector in the wake of the Disability Royal Commission.

"We are taking action to ensure people living with disability and who want to work get every opportunity to do so in a meaningful way." -Social Services Minister, Amanda Rishworth